Friday, January 3, 2014

Tips to Buy a New Car

By Urvi Tandon
Buying a new car is decision that is welcomed with excitement and fanfare. However, choosing the right car takes a lot of time and effort. You have to browse through the models weighing the pros and cons gradually choosing what best suits your requirements. The car salesman will surely try his or her level best to sell you the car. However, how do you know that the car is really worth it? After all, the last thing that you want is to buy a car and end up regretting the investment. Buying a new car does not require you to be an expert. Simply taking into consideration a few basic factors, doing a little research and analyzing the results can ensure that you buy the right car.

For those of you who are naïve to the concept, here is a beginner's guide to buying a new car:

Just go through the options

There are plenty of cars in the market. However, you are not under any compulsion to buy the first model that you see. During the initial phase of visits to car dealerships, simply browse through the different models and take in as many details as you can. This initial browsing will help you understand the different options and narrow down on the models that can suit your requirements.

Compare the models

Once you have shortlisted the cars that interest you, spend some time to analyze every model. Compare the models on the basis of engine capacity, mileage and other crucial factors. This will help you further fine tune your preference from amongst the many options.

Check the prices

Every dealer has his or her profit margin taken into consideration before they quote the price of the car. Therefore, you must always cross check your choices with other dealers as well. In fact, these days you can also do the price checking through online car selling portals at the mere click of a button.

Inspect the model

Even if you are buying a new car, insist on inspecting the model thoroughly before making the actual purchase. In fact, if possible get an expert's opinion on the car and its condition.

Get your paperwork in order

This is an important aspect when it comes to buying a car. As a customer, it is mandatory for you to check all the paperwork and ensure that it is in perfect order. This paperwork includes ownership of the car, insurance of the vehicle as well as necessary approvals from the regional transport authority.
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